Instructions how to make Indian Native American Flute

Hybrid American - Slovak whistle


Flute American Indian (Native American Flute), I was impressed by its "primitive" production technology.Primitive word has a negative meaning, but rather reflects the ability to produce something with your bare hands without the advances of modern technology. Division among Indians wood, nails extracted the cavity and the two halves stuck together Download flyer Back resin. So there is no need for drill, as is the production of Slovak whistles, pipes or fujara.

Air enters through the inlet into the antechamber. It goes from the antechamber outlet opening underneath the bird through a narrow air gap. After leaving the slot faces the edge of the box. Edge is inclined so that air is directed inside the main compartment.


Traditional Indian flute has a different number and different distribution of tactile holes than Slovak. The diameter of the bore and the proportions are different. As I have already rehearsed the songs and fingering for 6 hole whistle shepherd, I decided to adapt Indian flute Slovak ratio. Appearance looks Indian, but the hole diameter, hole diameter and width tactile box I made ​​the model shepherd whistles .


This resulted in 6 N type shepherd's whistle hidden in the body of Native American flutes. Since this is a hybrid experimental musical instrument, I neglected primitive techniques of production and I helped machine tools.


Instructions for making

Long rozrežeme prism in half and mark the dimensions of the chamber.

Potato, remove the slot. For example, a chisel. I used to mill clamped drill presses.

Create a window and outlet of the antechamber.

Two halves glued together. After gluing the output drill hole the antechamber.

Treated with excess material such as files. I used a lathe.

Air gap can scoop into the body or into bird flutes. Furthermore, the air gap can create a thin strip of leather or metal.

Bird hides the air gap from the top. The flute body is attached strips of leather. Bird can thus be exchanged for another pet to suit your mood or the season.

Indian Flute

Ornaments are fired Soldering. The traditional decoration of turquoise beads are embedded in the wood.


Video filmed in the hallway, where it nicely echoes.