How to make a wooden drum



Just so I'm walking through the woods, when in fact glimpse bútľavý tree. It was beautifully symmetrical digested with the same wall thickness all around. But I could not leave him there. I immediately knew it would be a great drum. Bigger is better, but I could just cut off as much as I udvihol. In addition, I carried him a long way through the forest and then a bus to home. The efforts, however, came back to me when chiseling, because nature has already done a lot of work for me.

Wood drum must not reclaim too quickly to breaking the. Cut them off ends, eliminating micro cracks and edges damn oil.

Scrape out the inside of a round chisel or small adzes. The bark is down to possess.

Along the perimeter will be filled pins tension skins. Superbly suited to sticks of broken arrows . We drill holes at an angle, so that the pins on the outer perimeter pointing down. Taut skin and will not slip out.

Slice saws cut them off pegs inside the drum. Oiled or stained wood. I used wood stain from walnut shells to drum to get a nice patina.

The drum membrane

We need a drum skin. The skin is devoid of fur hair. My fur comes from deer that have died naturally. This is an advantage because the skin is not a hole after gunshot wound. For leather processing, there are many practices, but I used the fastest, because the skin has been for some time in the woods, then a few days in the bag and then freeze for a long time, until I began to process it.

If you want your skin to get rid of hair, we need to soak in some basic solutions. It can be used lime, ash, potassium hydroxide or another strong base. Fur soaked for a few days to a solution. Good time to check "pošticovaním 'fur, and so we try whether they are going to separate the hair easily.

The fur zoškrabeme last remnants of meat fat and membranes. Sometimes they go easy detachment after large pieces. This step should be performed before soaking, but I did it but until then, because I did not have time to devote to it.

Hair should be scraped off with a scraper. I manually erased after their big clumps. To look at the matter, can easily without soaking fur cut electric clipper bald.

Stretch the skin to the frame and let it dry. The skin hardens and pulls.

Cutting off the edges of the holes unusable after stretching. Skin looks and touch points plastic sheeting.Curiously, it does not smell after drying.

The leather neck ring a little larger than the diameter of the drum. We make holes around the edges. Well, I proved punch to the skin, but it can also punch the paper. Of residual skin vysrihneme thin long strips - whipped.

Swung the skin soak for several hours in water to soften them up. Add a little water into a weak acid, to neutralize principle. We can use lemon, vinegar or other acid. Soaked skin now reminds gum.

Swung curled into a spiral and alternately We put into holes.

Now swung upneme for 4 opposite pins. Continue and turn upneme the remaining pins. Let the skin dry, it will be downloaded and also self-taught.

Image of hands I created discoloration of the skin over the paper template. However, the leather is dyed the bottom of the picture and just shines. Thus, the color drumming nezoderie.