How to renovate a historic wicker stroller



The pram of 1950 had long been lying on a dusty bed. During that time, not only the tooth of time but also the mouse had bitten into it. However, after a complete renovation, he was given a chance to shine again. Do not take this article as a step-by-step guide, but rather as an inspiration.



vintage wicker stroller


All metal parts were rusty and the fabric completely disintegrated and unusable. The wicker and the wood were quite peeled, but fortunately there was no rot.



repair historic wicker stroller


Disassemble the stroller into individual parts. Wipe the wicker basket properly with a hose and dry. The wicker and wood are covered with linseed oil and left to ventilate in the sun for several days. This gives them flexibility and natural shine.




Grind metal parts with sand paper and steel brush. Long metal bars are best cleaned using an angle grinder with a flap disc. Clean the cleaned parts with a rust remover. The best finish would be chrome plating. But I used an ordinary metal effect spray.




It is also necessary to clean and finish all screws.



kolesá - oprava historického kočíka


Most of all we need to pay attention to the wheels, because it is a large area, which at first glance fits the eye.




The tires are full. They should be thoroughly brushed in soapy water. The rubber is hard and cracked after years. It can be softened with a special tire preparation. I used silicone spray oil. The rubber surface thus gains shine and elasticity.




Fill the inside of the basket with 3 cm thick foam.




Tighten the inner padding with nails or a stapler. A 1.5 x 3 m leatherette was used for the inside of the basket, the roof and one mattress.




Fasten the inside of the roof with threads to the inner bars. Fill and fix the edges with decorative upholstery nails.




If we have finished all parts, assemble the whole stroller together.



historic pushchair


The edge of the basket is decorated with a crimped border.



historic wicker stroller


The hem fills the gap between the basket and the roof to prevent it from blowing.



historic striller


Renovation of the stroller took a lot of work, but the result is definitely worth the effort. In addition, the people who personally drove in this stroller said that now looks perhaps even more beautiful than when he was new.