How make hologram


Holography deals with creating a record of real three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional image carrier (holograph). By reversing the holograph, a hologram is created - an image that can be viewed from different angles when rotated, which gives the impression of a 3D effect. True holographs are created using the interference of laser beams reflected from a scanned 3D object. This article provides instructions on how to make a fake hologram using a display. It's more of a projection and optical illusion, but with an interesting 3D effect. It is quick and easy to make.


At first small hologram


This type of projection is sometimes called a pyramidal hologram. So it is a regular four-sided pyramid that is turned upside down. The top is cut so that it can be placed on the display in the rotated position.




The pyramid is made of plastic foil. It acts like a semi-transparent mirror. It reflects the image from the display towards the observer, while the image appears to us to be seemingly located in the center of the pyramid. There are four different image orientations on the display for each side of the pyramid, so when turning from all sides, we can seemingly also see the other sides of the displayed object.


We will transfer the drawing of the pyramid shell to the plastic foil. Either we print it using a printer on OHP foil, or we draw it using a marker directly on any other plastic foil.




We draw a circle with a diameter approximately equal to the diagonal of the display. We divide the circle at an angle of 72°, which gives us a pentagon. Similarly, we will make another small pentagon in the center of the circle with a diameter of approximately 1 cm. We cut out one triangle from the big pentagon. By putting together the remaining parts, we get a pyramid with a truncated top.


For those who find it too complicated, they can print the coat drawing on a printer. Sometimes, however, there is a problem that the color does not stick to the foil on an inkjet printer, and ordinary foil can melt with a laser printer. It is therefore important to use OHP film for a specific printer.


Hologram PDF for printing

Drawing for printing on a printer. For download: PDF



Pyramidal hologram on foil


Printed drawing of the pyramid shell.




We cut out the solid lines and fold the dashed ones.




This drawing has a mechanical connection, so the pyramid just needs to be assembled and there is no need to glue it.




We build the folded pyramid with the narrower part down.



How make a pyramidal hologram for smartphone


We put it on the mobile screen and start it picture of a projection.



All Pyramid Hologram images and videos work on this type of projection. However, I created these specifically for displaying the basic crystal lattices of metals.


lattice BCC K8 iron lattice FCC K12 aluminium

K8 - Iron

K12 - Aluminium




Big hologram


To create a larger projection, it is necessary to make a larger hologram. The principle is similar, but the pyramid is much larger and the wider part is turned downwards. The image is projected from a monitor located above. The entire structure is placed in a wooden cabinet that holds everything together and creates a dark background.




Principe of a big hologram.



The pyramid has an edge of the base 80 cm long and a height of 55 cm.




We will create the shell of the pyramid from thin Plexiglas.




The outer edges are temporarily covered with paper adhesive tape, and the inner ones are permanently translucent.



We will place the pyramid in a wooden structure that will hold everything together and in the right position.




In the upper part there is a hidden space for a monitor and a computer.



Big pyramidal hologram


When projected, the image appears to be in the center of the pyramid.




Finally, a screen saver with the sponsor's logo.