How to make a 3D paper carved lightbox


This image consists of several paper layers that are backlit by LED light. Sometimes it is also called a light box. However, the layers overlap with each other and cast a shadow like in the shadow theater. That's why we can meet the shadow box.


How make 3D lightbox paper image


I have prepared individual layers in advance in a photo, combining several images to see the final scene.


LED light box free PDF template


We will redraw or print the layers according to the PDF template.


Laser cutted paper


Cut the individual layers with a thin scalpel. I used a laser for cutting.



Layer number 3 is to represent a lake of water. We then paste the hole with thin translucent paper. The paper is also coated with layer 8 in order to diffuse the diffusion of light from the diode.


The layers are separated by strips of moss foam. Cut off the mop of the moss with the same height as the image size, and then cut it on strips with a width of 2mm. Put the prepared ribbons on the edge of the layers. Layer 4 is left without strips, as Layer 4 deer throws a shadow on the lake from Layer 3 to give the effect of blurred reflection on the water surface.


Layers of 3D lightbox


However, we may not stick to layer 1 tape. Layer 8 will make a pin a pair of holes to create the effect of stars lit up in the night sky. Finally, all layers are stacked according to serial numbers. As if the zero layer is a piece of translucent plastic film that replaces the glass.




According to the template, we print, cut and smear the outer paper frame of the image.




The inner frame is less than one millimeter in size to fit the outside.



According to the template, we cut out the perimeter shape of the frame. Striped lines are good to pass the razor very gently and bend the ruler right at right angles.



Finally, we will store all the layers in the outer frame. Inside, we insert the battery with the diode. We then move the two frames to each other. We get a shining image that's just a little bigger than a box set.


how make lightbox laser cutted 3D paper picture

The image is succesfull done by proposal.