How to make a mini hammock.

Lately I've really grown to love camping in the hammock . In addition to sleeping can also be used as a very comfortable chair for sitting, especially if the ground is wet and muddy. I already have this comfort so accustomed to it and bravo for day trips into the countryside. Into a small backpack but it is too much volume and weight. Therefore, I have one little hammock remade. For bilayer hammocks I removed one layer, which I also reduced the amount of weight in half. From the cut of my remaining piece of nylon that can be managed two more minihamaky. Instructions below describes how to do it.



From nylon fabric cut out the rectangle. The dimensions are not important. Greater hammock will bring more convenience but also a higher weight. I chose 120x80cm.



The longer sides and prešijeme we turn to the fabric nepárala. This also solidifies the edge of the hammock.Prešijeme shorter side, so as to create a tunnel on a rope. Especially when getting in hammocks in the ropes rub against the edge of the extra tunnel. To increase the resistance, I všil the edge of the tunnel piece strap.



Place the joint to be sure I ran 4x sewing machine. Create two tunnels, one for the width of the rope and the other quite a bit larger.



Ready mihi hammock spread on the ground.



The weight of the mini-hammocks without ropes is about 100 grams. Size is equal to approximately three match-box.


as prepared minihamaku


I just need to find two trees and sit down. Among other things, mini hammock can also be used to delay things under great hammock to not lie on the wet ground. Or as a cradle for a cat or dog bed.



Where there are no trees, we do tripod. We put fourth stick to the wide tunnel and hammock priviažeme the middle of the tripod. This will provide Camping chair.



There is a comfortable food craft.



Where to continue?

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