Setting fire using pyrite for striking sparks


The method of setting fire using stones Krešan heard everyone out. However, no one has ever seen anyone successfully use this method. It should be properly stones, patience and it really works.




The picture above left is pyrite. Its name is derived from the Greek word fire. It is a mineral-based iron sulfide.Quickly corrodes and therefore should be protected as varnish of resin. In addition to pyrite can be used to Krešan as pyrite or marcasite. The second cornerstone is the flint. Flint can be replaced and silica.



Krešan flint of pyrite create sparks that can easily ignite any combustible material. Sparks are very faint and almost daylight nebadateľné. When compared with wrought iron whetstone whetstone of sparks are about 10 times more intense. When compared with modern firesteelom are sparks of firesteelu about 100 times more intense than the sparks of pyrite.



On a support (which will isolate the tinder from ground moisture) a sharp edge naškriabeme amadou . We get so wad of fiber, which will help to capture the sparkle.


Krešan fire stones


The theory is simple. Flint to strike sparks pyrite and try to go to the tinder. In practice this means continuous Krešan a few minutes. When Krešan of the stones emit small fragments that cover the tinder. If we fail over time to capture the spark tinder must be cleaned of debris to prevent sparks manhunt for tinder.



If the spark finally gripped the dust begins to grow embers. Burning carbon can promote oxygen. It is preferable to ovievať it first hand, so that moisture does not get worse breath burning. If the carbon is already large enough to translate it into the nest of dry grass and blows into flame.



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