How make shoe tags



I remember the boom when everyone wanted tog tags with their name or other inscription. Later, they were hand bracelets (ID tags). Well, and lately, they're hit shoe tags. Left or right? Yes or not? Forward or backward? Such opposing words fit exactly on the labels of the shoes. Here's how to make these labels from waste materials. Either for yourself or as a fun gift.



Labels are the best aluminum. It has a low weight, is easy to process and does not corrode. The sheet metal should be at least 2mm thick. The size of the labels should be adjusted to the size of the shoes, but the universal size is 36x10mm.





Use the punches and hammer labels to print the text by individual letters. On the edges, we drill openings for crossing the laces.




Put the labels in black. The easiest way to use is spray paint. With one move, you can handle multiple labels at once.



How make shoe tags


After drying the paint, smear the surface with fine sanding paper. This opens a metallic glossy surface, leaving the color in the letters intact, creating an interesting contrast and patina.




It is advisable to fold the sheet metal plate a bit to fit the shoe better. Place the label on the log and the hammer hammer it into the desired fold.



shoe tas how make it


Finally, trim the side edges with abrasive paper or fine file.


tag your shoes


Then you just have to put on the laces. It is especially suitable for people who are wrong with their left and right legs.




If you want to give labels to someone, it's best to attach them to a piece of hard paper. We will make the holes and labels in the cardboard with spaghetti. I can improve the card with some other images.




It is good to make a sketch and layout of holes. Here again, twice and once again.




Well, from the waste materials, a whole new product was finally created.