How to make a simple teepee


Teepees are the traditional dwellings of North American Indians. It survived all his life in all seasons. Its main advantage is that the inside can kindle fire. Originally produced from buffalo hides, and later of cotton cloth.Nowadays producing nylon teepee tents. It shelters are primarily designed for winter camping with wood heating. Tepee is sometimes equivalent names such as tipi, tipi, tepee, tee - pee.


I have long wanted to produce a traditional tepee paid. Its production is time consuming and financially. First the why I made a scale model of the PVC sheet, to try it on a smaller scale. I chose size of 2.5 m. This means that the internal diameter of the floor at its widest point is 2.5 m. At the same time, the side wall length of 2.5 m.Typi height is generally about 0.85 times the diameter of the floor. It can be used as a shelter for one or two people, or as a children's teepee.

how to make a teepee

Large teepee is not really a regular cone, but is tilted to one side and its base is an ellipse. To simplify manufacture hexagonal baseplate. They also do not produce smoke doors or flaps (ears). Sheath formed as a regular hexagonal pyramid according to the procedure below. It is a universal guide for teepee with an internal diameter size L.. Create a circle marker tied with a string. Other sizes derive interlacing lines in halves or quarters.

how to make a teepee

Procedure by hexagonal pyramid step by step. From one rectangle for the external sheet teepee. The same procedure can be further rectangle of lining and produce half the floor ..

Before the cutting large sheet is appropriate to test it first on paper.

For the production of 2,5 m wide teepee I used sail dimensions 4x3m.

We mark on the string length L, which is the average length of the floor and walls at the same time. We find a solid 6 clubs that are longer than this dimension. Lay two sticks parallel, third through them, so that just cruised in size L. Zviažeme together and erect a tripod

Oprieme other clubs and the rest of their rope and wrapped zviažeme. In the case of strong winds, the remaining anchor rope somewhere near the middle, inside the tepee.

Centerboard mounted to the top of the structure and povyrovnávame woods, so to get the desired shape.

From a technical adhesive tapes create eyelets for anchoring. Ole also cut all of that solidified.

Lining is like another wall inside the teepee going back to about half the height. Improve thermal insulation and exhaust smoke. Inside grouting cord which hang lining so that it is bent on the ground about 15 cm inside.Curved part of the burden stones or wood.

From the rest of us after rupture lining remains part that fits perfectly to cover half of Interior tepee. I use it as insulation from the wet ground.

In a small plastic teepee is quite dangerous to have open flames. An alternative is to use a semi-open Onen such as folding pocket stove or cooker gasification of wood . It is also possible to use a large candle that emits light and heat for a long time.


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