How to replace scales and add more features to the Victorinox knife


I have been using the folding Victorianx Ranger Swiss Army knife almost daily for about 12 years. During that time, the handles (plastic attachments on the handle) were significantly worn out. This article describes how to replace them with glows, including making a small flintlock.



In some places, the fringes were already cracked and crooked.



How replace scales on Victorinox


The braces are snapped onto three brass pins. We punch and pry them out with a plastic card.




This particular knife is the Ranger 1.3763.71 model. However, the braces fit on each 91mm knife.



Modré črienky na Victorinox PLUS


Classic handles have a groove for inserting tweezers and toothpicks. The braces, marked Victorinox PLUS scales, also have a groove for storing the pen. However, they contain another blind groove for small tweezers, due to the knives with a display on the front.




We grind a piece of plastic with a fine file, which opens the entrance to the third slot.




Rear handle with three slots.




Mix both components of the adhesive with the phosphorescent powder in a ratio of 1: 1: 1.




The braces are made of blue translucent plastic. Apply the inner epoxy paste to the inside. To prevent the epoxy from flowing into places where we do not want it, we will create a dam made of plasticine.




How to make a firesteel for Victorinox


The armchair is used to draw sparks and ignite a fire. It works even when wet and is not prone to damage like matches or a lighter. That's why I made a small chair, which fits right from the third groove on the back handle.



I already had an old flint, which had already been drained and corroded, but still had a usable core.




I cut a 2x3mm french fries from the original armchair on a precision saw. If you do not have a saw, you can work it with a file. The material of the flint is soft as aluminum but at the same time brittle as cast iron. It breaks easily.




Finish the final dimension on wet sandpaper.




Using a mold made of plasticine and epoxy, we create a grip, behind which the cradle will be pulled out of the groove in the handle.




On the grinding wheel, we finish the rounding of the grip.




The armchair is only 35 mm long, but is used more for emergency situations. Before, I used a 10mm mini mini-punch and it went well with it.



Blue glowing scales


Meanwhile, the luminous epoxy has already hardened in the cuffs. The picture below shows phosphorescent powders of various colors. Green has a relatively higher brightness than blue. However, I have noticed that green quickly loses brightness, while blue retains it for a long time.



Comparison of brightness intensity of different phosphorescent pigments.




Blue shines brighter than green, but lasts all night until morning.




Place both handles on the knife and press until they click into place.



Blue glowing Victorinox


The groove on the tweezers creates a dark place. The rest of the surface is covered with luminous epoxy.




The back now contains a toothpick, pen, flintlock, pin and a screwdriver in the corkscrew.




Another sponsor logo.




Side view.



Blue Victorinox Ranger


Upgraded knife, ready to serve for many more years.