Instructions on how to make formicarium from ytong

Akva-ytong formicarium all in one - oak forest


Techical note: This is only word to word translate.

Given the small space in our apartment I chose all in one formikárium of ytong. Then the nest arena are contained in the volume of the aquarium 20 x 30 cm. I primarily built for this fomikárium Camponotus ants or other large species. It is adapted to the dimensions of chambers.


ytong nest


Porous concrete blocks can mortise chisel or sharp screwdriver. Before work is good ytong dunk. And softened by a little less of it is shed



ytong formicarium


Blocks to work with and put into the aquarium. Put the pieces into the gaps polystyrene ytong to move. Nest is separated from the arena against moisture. I used a plastic mat in a workbook that I put a brick on it and then I was pelted with gravel of a thickness of about 5cm.




Before pouring the gravel we put the tubing leading to the reservoir water into the nest. The picture leads to the green and white nest to water. Put the tubing into the water barrier against the intrusion of ants. I've used a bunch of thin wires of stainless steel.




View from the back: white tube leading from the arena to the reservoir water. I did it a little too big, I hope there neprekopú.



ytong formicarium


The surface of the arena you can arrange the best according to the habitat where ants live. For Camponotus ligniperda I chose oak forest. I have not deceived them so that the piece of wood is connected with a tube nest in ytong. Ant to enter into the wood and finds himself in ytong.



formicarium cover


How leak protection, I used the glass lid with a central hole. The hole diameter is 112 mm, waterjet cut.



formikárium z ytongu


To fasten glass silicon metal frame to cover nezošuchol. Appropriately to fit just aluminum sill. Furthermore, the Cover the joints between walls and tank cover. Aquarium cover and the bottom side around the hole then top glycerin or baby oil. Oil so it does not run off and do not like dust. In addition, the following prejudice silicone, which are glued wall aquarium.





Overall view of formikárium "all in one" - namely formic nest and arena are in one unit formikária.







Several photographs of ants Camponotus ligniperda from ytong fomricarium


camponotus ligniperda


camponotus ligniperda


camponotus ligniperda


ytong ant nest


Camponotus ligniperda ant queen


camponotus ligniperda



camponotus ligniperda





Video from nest



Into the Ytong nest.




One ant feeding another ant.




Queen mother.