How to make formicarium from plexiglas (acryl)


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Formicarium the container for keeping_ants . Once the ants in the tube tightly, you need to move them into a larger space. Formikrium not be disproportionately large number and size of ants. To start a small colony should be just formikárium Plexiglas. We can all break down, clean up and also we have the ants under control. I designed a custom prototype, with different vychtávkami.



How make formicarium




The first layer (upper)


The first layer covers paths and chambers. It is also the floor of the arena. I made this layer of glass. Glass nežltne or being scratched than glass. The disadvantage is that the glass is difficult to farm.

Drilling in glass diamond drill is quite difficult. Bores and the overall shape of the first layer does not quite fit with the original drawings. So I scanned a glass trace. Other layers will be laser cut, so I adapted the first glass layer.




The second layer (chambers)


The second layer is made of clear plexiglass 4 mm thickness. I made chambers round, so the ants do not leave waste in the corner. If ants postpone a waste, most of it to the wall. The wet plaster is in the middle chambers as not to touch any walls.


The third layer (wetting)


The gross milk from 3mm acrylic. The plot is displayed as a mirror image to be in the bottom layer (after turning it on top) vygravírovať line thickness 0.4 mm. Engraving material is locally concentrated in some depth. This results in a thin channel of water supply. Channels of water flowing into the gypsum stack. Channel beyond the drawing up of plaster casters to evaporate and the glass edges. Excess material is cut off the hair line.



The last wheel with plaster does not moist canal. Excess water that moves not only in capillary channels, but also between the layers should be sucked into the last gypsum wheels. Ants can then choose between a variety of wet plaster.



The fourth layer (bottom plate)


The last layer of 3 mm plexiglass milk. He concludes formikárium below. In case of clogging vlhčiacich thin capillary channel, the water spills on the fourth layer.





The arena is made up of four walls of unequal height. Top cover fits into the indentation, and also has two pins that you hold your spot. Pins are also in the walls, which ensures a more comfortable build strength arena. On the drawing pins are larger than the holes in which they fit. Laser blow up on each side of a piece of material and after excision by a gap through which ants could escape.


The upper housing contains the arena instead of nets burned holes for ventilation. I want to be the driest arena, so it did not move organic waste. Small cover of the hole to feed. The dimensions of the plot are again slightly larger, so finally just snaps.


The lower lid is glued wall that prevents foreclosure. The walls are engraved lines, so that it can stick exactly to the center. Spoke exceeds the dimensions of the large cap arena, it is easy to undercut the toes. The walls, as well as the entire arena, I glued superglue.



Make up the whole


acrylic formicarium


Drawing: CRD , DXF



Laser cuted formicarium


In addition to glass were all laser cut parts.




The finished product


Formikárium Plexiglas


acrylic formikarium




Where to go?


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